Epotec® Epoxy Adhesives are formulated for the broadest possible substrate versatility, coupled with performance dependability and are designed to join various similar and dissimilar substrates providing excellent adhesion over wide range of service conditions. Specialized characteristics such as thixotropy, high temperature and non-sag characteristics of these high performance adhesive systems make them useful for applications in windmill blades, surf boards, other sport goods etc.  

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Epotec System Mixing Ratio1 Mix Viscosity2 Pot Life3 Tg4 Features
YD1535G / TH7254G 100: 45 Thixotropic paste 10 - 15 75 - 85 Fast reactive, thixotropic, paste adhesive for excellent bending.
YD1535G / TH7256G 100: 45 Thixotropic paste 70 - 100 75 - 85 Slow reactive, thixotropic, paste adhesive for high strength.
YD1535G / TH7257G 100: 45 Thixotropic paste 220 - 300 75 - 85 Extra slow, thixotropic, paste adhesive for high strength.

1 Part by Weight, 2 @ 25°C (cPs), 3 Minutes, @ 25°C 100 grams Mix, 4 Glass Transition Temperature (°C), Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)