Application Developement Center

Our Application Development Center, is the focal point for designing formulated resin systems and composites, for civil, coatings, electrical & composite applications. Test protocols to meet international and national standards are followed during designing and product approvals process.
This simulated environment allows us to run tests and evaluate results, customizing products and optimizing application parameters to derive maximum performance.

Our Application Development Center and synthesis laboratories are nicely integrated and this gives us an edge for correlating and designing products chemical properties to meet toughest performance properties. Our technical team headed by six sigma – black belts are tuned to provide prompt and world class products to our world class customers.

Our wet chemistry and state-of-art instrument laboratories host world’s best testing facilities for epoxy and related resin systems.

To serve our global customers we have dedicated regulatory cell , which provide all documentary support to logistics, customers , national and international regulatory bodies and onsite training for regulations like REACH, GHS, CLP.

Our application development cell add value to building blocks by designing innovative formulations composite systems to achieve best performance. With their efforts we could create Epotec® range of products spreading across basic Epoxy Resins to highly customized Epoxy Systems for multiple applications.