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CeTePox is now  part of Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.


About CTP and CTP AM:

Started in Russelsheim, Germany in 1993, CTP GmbH has grown to become a leading curing agent manufacturer in Europe. CTP AM, started in 2005, is a Development and Marketing Company serving the Electrical and Composite Industries; especially with innovative products for the growing windmill/ rotor blade industry. Products for CTP-AM are manufactured by CTP. CTP and CTP-AM have a strong brand image as a supplier of specialty products and solutions provider with

an excellent application knowledge base in Europe, particularly in Germany. They have a wide range of products (> 200 customized products), serving more than 350 customers across construction, coatings, composites and electrical segments. CTP GmbH and CTP AM GmbH are privately held limited liability company having its office in Germany. Both companies market its products under the trade mark CeTePox. The Revenues in FY 2012 for both companies is approx. 60 Million EURO.

Dr. Erhard Jacobi (CEO and founder of CTP GmbH) & Dr. Jürgen Schillgalies (CEO and founder of CTP AM) will hold their positions and continue to work from the Duisburg office.


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