Highest Rating in Inter laboratory Proficiency Test 2013

September 22, 2013
Release Date : 22nd September 2013.   The Application Development Centre (ADC) test laboratory at the Epoxy Division has secured highest rating in the Inter Laboratory Proficiency Test Program 2013 organized by Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid, Germany a leading institute for proficiency test program. The proficiency test program included round robin testing of standard coupons for the participating  laboratories followed by comparing the reference test methods and statistical evaluation (z –scores) to rate the performance. The Company participated in 8 different types of tests which included determination of physical, thermal and mechanical properties and secured the highest rating in the test program ,(z-scores of all evaluated results and single z-scores < 2). Results of the proficiency test program confirm higher standards of testing and competence of the Company's ADC testing laboratory. The Application Development Center is already accredited by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) as Asia's first accrediated mechanical testing laboratory and secured highest rating in proficiency testing program placing it amongst the top testing laboratories in the world for polymer material characterization.