Three new products launched by Epotec for Composites & Electrical Applications

September 27, 2013
Release Date : 27th September 2013   The Epoxy divsison of Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd. have launched three new products for the Composites & Electrical applications by thier Application development Center.   Optically Bright, UV resistant laminating system (Epotec YD554/ TH7369) Unique epoxy system exhibiting excellent optical brightness and remarkable UV resistance. The product can be used to make fibre reinforced epoxy laminates using hand layup technique and  can cured at room temperature with post curing at mild warm conditions. The system can be used in applications where the laminate has to be bright white in sunlight and not fade away or yellow on exposure to UV.  Class H Electrical casting system (Epotec YDC6005/TH7651/TA7851/TP03) Class H Electrical casting system suitable for switchgears, transformers and other electrical components for medium to high voltage applications. The product consists of five components including the fillers. The unique feature of this product is tunable glass transition temperature without affecting the Class H performance . In addition to class leading electrical properties, this system offers optimum combination of mechanical and thermal properties.  Filled Electrical Casting System for Outdoor Applications (Epotec YDCW 6032 TH7370P) Outdoor filled electrical system with outstanding UV resistance, excellent electrical and mechanical properties. The product is targeted for electrical insulating components such as pin & post insulators, current & potential transformers which are exposed to outdoor atmosphere. Being filled system, the product can be used directly and eliminates the processing step of filler addition at customers end. Weatherability of the system determined by accelerated UV tests indicates no discoloration and chalking effect. In-situ  Repair System The product is developed exclusively for in-situ repair applications based on novel concept of expandable adhesives. The developed product meets the requirements of anti-sagging, cure time and flexibility and is suitable for processing with dispensing machines used for repairing on site.The system has been performance tested with cyclic ageing test up-to 100,000 cycles equivalent to 200 years.