New Generation EPOTEC Bonding Paste for Wind Turbine Blades

February 7, 2014
Aditya Birla Chemicals has launched a new generation epoxy bonding paste EPOTEC YD1581/TH9281 for wind turbine blades. The new structural bonding paste is designed exclusively considering the chronic issues and concerns with current products used for wind blades joining. It is based on novel concept of instant thixotropy and enables improved processability, reduced wear of dispensing machine parts and enables lower void content in applied mass contributing in reduced gross defects.  The bonding paste provides longer working time and in contrast cures to develop faster strength in comparison to conventional bonding paste. “As the wind turbine industry consolidates, effort from the blade manufacturer’s side has been to emphasize on cost & performance of raw materials, cycle & downtime reduction. In this context, as a raw material technology provider and partner for more than a decade in this industry; we have been unveiling next generation systems challenging our own products which have set benchmark in the industry”, comments Mr. Pradip Kumar Dubey, President of the company. The new bonding paste EPOTEC YD1581/TH9281 serves requirements of blade manufacturer as well as the designer. Its performance properties such as adhesion strength and fatigue behavior have been validated to meet standard requirements. The product has also secured Germanischer Lloyd (GL) approval.   Release Date: 7 th Feb, 2014